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Not moving

April 17th, 2022 at 01:25 am

We were going to move in october as this house doesn't really fit us...but if the landlord agrees we might stick it out another year and then hopefully have enough for a deposit on a house....if housing prices don't continue to rise, I am hoping to get to $50,000 but we will see it doesn't leave much wiggle room if something comes up but it is something to work towards each month.

This means our CC won't be paid off till november (which is bad I know) but it will still be paid off and then not be used...may not even keep it but we will see....and we will still have storage fees to pay until we move or buy a house so that sucks hoping we can cut back on what we have in storage but don't think we can...not much anyways...I am a minimalist my hubby and daughter like their stuff and do a lot of leather work, daughter has a jewellry business, they build furniture it all takes room...and they both like to sew.

We Have decided that closer to spring we will start planting our vegies in pots again and buy a dehydrater so we can start doing our own vegies again...wnated to wait till we bought but now we don't want to with the way prices are going...I will also learn how to can things. so will need to look into prices for a dehydrator etc

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