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april already

April 1st, 2022 at 06:20 am

Well a quarter of the year has already gone...time flies by so fast the older you get. It is payday this weekend so will do an update after we get the bills paid, we will have 2 more in the month which we usually use for groceries/gas, we have had to up our gas amount by an extra $200 a month as it is costing us so much,,,was around $7 a gallon here, slowly going down but will keep adding the extra for now. 

I hate shopping so it has been nice to be able to do a direct to boot for our groceries and it stops a lot of impulse buys from anyone who is doing the shopping, and today I found a green grocer that delivers, we get our first delivery on monday so will see what their produce is like and see if we want to continue with them..hopefully it is good food & service, and delivery is free. We do eat a lot of fruit and veg each week and the weather is cooling down here as we go into winter so will be nice to do a lot of our cooking in the slow cooker and we use so many more vegetables when we do...we have found it hard with my no energy to cook and hubby's stomach since his cancer and meds he can't stomach a lot so this should make it easier...and bonus they use all local produce which I love as well....supporting the local farmers.

I did spend money on an electric blanket since it is getting colder but we haven't bought anything else which is nice that we don't need anything...the blanket is more of a want than a need but I think that we all deserve some wants every once in awhile...

heres hoping we get some money into our accounts this month!!

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