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March 4th, 2022 at 12:39 pm

I have most bills paid for this month, I am going to change my cell phone plans this weekend, it will save us $35pm, I have paid for our new car insurance, I pay for it yearly and got a refund from old company for $177 so put that into savings. Have put money into our ice acct but we do need to get our car serviced and also get a few things fixed on the not sure how much that will be, will get it in and then find out, our youngest DD isn't driving right now she is working from home and is moving in with her BF so they do the shopping etc together so if we need to we can use her car. 

Speaking of our youngest DD since she is moving house (literally 1 door down) they are saving money as they can walk everything over..she has sold most of her big stuff as they don't need it and they will keep some of hers and his and get rid of the rest....and she is going to pay me and her sister to clean the house instead of a professional as she likes how we clean...did a majority today and tomorrow should be finished...although will take hours but that is okay..will be done...and the guy to clean the carpets will be there tomorrow, so then it should be done...except a few things that people have bought and will pick up sunday. So that will be some extra money in.

Not much else happening we have a bunch of scripts to pick up tomorrow as our doc calls were on the phone this week not in person, I love our doctors, my oldest DD always go together but she was quarantining since she had wait for her pcr test did by fone and my doc also did some stuff for my youngest DD and my hubby, which she also informed my hubby's doc (which is one of her partners), and he called him yesterday and again today (hubby forgot to ask about his cancer shot) so he called back and it was all sorted...they go above and beyond!!

I have 2 paydays left this month so I am hoping to get our ice acct fully funded till $2000 (fully funded for now), so that is my goal....if we do and have extra I will put on the CC

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