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april is my new starting point!

March 27th, 2022 at 03:33 am

This year was suppose to be about me and my health, trying to get myself has been anything but that!, things are finally starting to settle down with everyone and everything, so the main things were that my nephew who loved school now hates it, he is very bright but he is bored at school, they won't give him extra work or anything so he won't we have an exemption for him till end of april when he plans to join the we will see how that turns out. My daughter moved out of her place and I finally got the realestate agent down from $822.70 to $330, so my daughter has paid that and now is finalised. My step son I threatened them with small claims court, she knew she was in the wrong charging him over $1900 when he moved out, I did get it down to $900 but  I'm trying to get it down in the $800's...hopefully that will be settled this week.

We have changed our house around so that it works better for my hubby and daughter and their hobbies, just have 1 more room to sort out (daughters business room) and finish putting stuff away in my hubbys room which will be done this week and the house will be I can start focusing on me and my health, I have a 24 hour cortisol test (it was standing at 1004) to do and a ton of blood work which should be done this week....other than that not really going to worry about doctors anymore will try to get myself better and see how we go...after 5 years and no diagnosis I have had enough.

I have been looking at the budget and I think I can reach getting $2000 into my ice account by the end of april, we do have a few more things we need to pay in april that we normally don't but they are 1 offs and hopefully pay off around 1/3 of the CC, which should be paid off in 3 months (june). I have also decided to add extra $100 a month to the ice acct every month starting may just to start boosting it a little each month...after these are done I can start to save for a house, we are still deciding if we will move or not in october, if our daughter is pregnant we probably will but if not then we will probably stay here another year...moving is so expensive and we can't do it ourselves anymore.

I am hoping that our US taxes print outs get here soon as I would love to get that finalised once and for all.

So beginning of april everything starts new and I am determined to get back on track....wish me luck

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    You have been quite busy and accomplished a lot. Hope you can get those tax forms!

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