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March 8th, 2022 at 04:19 am

Well had a lot happening last few weeks, finally got our daughter moved and her keys handed in so hopefully they will have new tenants in there soon. That was a job to get everything moved and the place glad it is done.because I get 

Still working on my stepsons housing tribunal case that I need to do for him, since his stroke his brain doesn't process things properly especially when it comes to contracts he signed when he shouldn't have thinking it was something else and now has to pay over $1900, I don't think he needs to pay all of it, some yes but not all, so I am putting his case together and hopefully in a few weeks we can have that settled and done with.

It was pay week last week so got most bills paid still haven't changed our phones over but hopefully within the next week, should save us around $35pm, we do however need to get our car serviced and our handbrake done (pretty sure we need a new one) so who knows what that will cost, will find out next week when the car goes in, bonus we can use our youngest DD car as she isn't using it right now till our car gets fixed.

We have had to up our grocery and gas in our budget as food has gone up 25% here in our stores in last 6 months and gas was just at 1.99 litre (approx $7 per gallon) so have had to increase these each month so less in savings...was hoping to pay a big chunk of the cc off but that won't happen with the will just pay it off over the next few months and get our savings boosted up again, then get it paid off.

We have our state election next week so my daughter and I went and voted early today, because I get dizzy and can't stand long they will allow it...but lots of people there to vote to chat to our local candidate, so that was nice...I think our federal elections is some time before may I think, we don't have a date yet...but hopefully the govt we have now gets voted out they are hopeless and don't really know how to handle money or care about;s time for a change!

well need to work on budget and housing tribunal, here's hoping the car doesn't cost to much to fix!!

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    Hope the car repair is reasonable.

    Our grocery and gas have also increased and seem to go up each day here in the States.

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