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so much rain

May 29th, 2022 at 08:53 am

We have had rain all week and the weatherman said rain again all week except for wednesday.....we may get a little but not has been cold and wet...I really don't like winter my body aches so much and technically winter doesn't start till I think it  might just be a wet year...which is great but it also makes it so much more growth in summer and we suffer from bushfires every year....

Got some of our garlic planted today so hopefully it will grow we have to get some more to plant from many of our green grocers have closed and we have left it a little late we usually have usually done it by now...but it just feels this year has been going so fast.

On the upside our DD who has covid is tired but doing better she will test tomorrow to see if she is negative...lucky for her she only got aches and pains in her joints nothing else. My mom got some xrays and scans done since her fall and lucky she has no broken bones just bruising so that is good...she is heading down this way tomorrow...I got her to fly down instead of the bus ( 1 hr vs 6 hrs) so she can sign her great grandson she raised into a new school, she will go to the hair dressers (yes she travels 6 hrs to see him) and do some shopping, see the chiro and then head home on wednesday. She is staying with another family member when she comes down, as they want to spend some time with her.

Not much else happening this week so hopefully no spending....

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    Although we are on the other side of the world, I would agree, this year has gone by way too fast!

    Hope you can find some more garlic to plant. We gave some to a neighbor since we had more than we needed and hopefully he'll remember to save some back once he harvests it in a few months.

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