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mom broke her arm

January 27th, 2019 at 03:37 am

Well my mom lives 5.5 hrs away from us but is moving to the same city as us to be nearer to the services she needs (she is 80) she is also raising a 13 year old (great grandson) so better schooling for him...well she has been trying to do everything herself and she tripped over a piece of wood from her bed that had been taken apart and hurt her arm...when I called her she told me that she had fallen and hurt her arm I finally convinced her to go to the hospital...which she did and now it is plastered but so hard for her to keep packing and cleaning readu=y for her move...since I can't travel we are lucky that a couple of myy neices were able to go help her out...but not what she needs and she is hating it...she is so independant still and hates asking for help...hopefully we can get her moved this weekend and get her arm checked again by a city doctor..heres hoping nothing else happens as the kids starts school again next week (just finishing up summer break)...and just want her to be able to move and relax...will be easier to help her when she is down here in the same city

5 Responses to “mom broke her arm”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    My mother gave in on her independence when she broke her wrist. It was the one thing that finally convinced her she needed more oversight, and she moved into an independent living facility shortly thereafter.

    That's amazing that your mother is raising a 13-year-old at her age! That must be hard, but I commend her.

  2. mumof2 Says:

    She will never go into on of those places...she would live with one of us kids/grandkids etc...maybe she will travel between all of us...certainly enough of us...she has 5 kids, 19 grandkids, 46 great grandkids and 5 great great grandkids...that way she would never get sick of us LOL!

    His mom is a druggie and she has had him since he was born so its like her own child...he calls her mom...he knows his mom but wont have much to do with her...hes not a bad kid, she has taught him to cook basic meals etc so he does do things for her and takes care of her if she is unwell....hes not there right now he has moved to the city getting ready for school..so hes not to happy hes not there to help her

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    I want to be that healthy and independent when I'm 80! Prayers for her and all of those helping.

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Sorry about your mom's break, but hopefully she will be able to move near you and you can help her if and when she needs it.

  5. mumof2 Says:

    thanks we have all her stuff moved she is at my sisters right now as it is closer around the corner from the school...hopefully she will have a house soon and she can have her own space again...my neice and her young son will be living with her so she will have plenty of help...but we are always nearby now if she needs us...but yes she is independant always has been not much can slow her down...sometimes we have to remind her that she is getting old LOL

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