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Day 2

December 18th, 2018 at 05:15 am

Well I have really been thinking of our finances lately and what we can do better in 2019...both hubby and I have had a crap year healthwise which wiped out our savings and we have to add in extra health things for next year but we do that now we should be able to write up goals and stick to them and reach the goals we set.

I'm not one that makes resolutions but I do set goals and make them achievable...also looking at things we can do while my friend is over here from the states for 3 months...we are so excited has been far to long since we have seen each other.

only spent around $12 today for onions and lemons have saved money on the grocery budget.

Our oldest is house sitting for friends of hers to look after their dogs...she will make some great money from it and add to her savings...I am proud to say that everything I have learnt about finances over the years to get to the point we are in we have taught our girls one is great and the other not so much but she makes her own money and pays her own bills but I think for her it is her ADD it can make her impulsive...but the oldest is great at budgeting and I'm so glad that she has learnt from our mistakes

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