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US not delivering to australia

February 28th, 2022 at 08:39 am

So my daughter went to the US for  a month holiday and wanted to send a box home instead of carrying on the plane..but they said that all mail going to or being received from Australia is not being accepted anymore due to not having enough staff or transportation due to she had to take it on the plane with her instead...I am just hoping this is a new thing and my IRS papers have already is so frustrating as I'm not sure anyone in australia even knows that they aren't accepting mail over there...either way it worked out she is on her way home and just put it in baggage...she only took 2 small backpacks over with her so she didn't have much baggage at all anyways...just frustrating not knowing if the irs mail is on its way or not and yet another delay in the 2020 tax saga!!!

I am looking forward to having my daughter back in the country especially with how things are looking around the world...we have taken her car and groceries etc over to her sisters house as that is where she will be staying when she gets back till she knows she is clear of covid...she tested negative but never know on flights and she has 3 seperate just being cautious and her sister is moving in with her BF so it all works out...and if she does get sick her sister is literally 2 doors away so can help her if she needs it....but we think she will be fine.

It is pay week this week so will do some updates when we get all that done and sorted...and still need to write up a grocery list we still try to do a majority of it once a month but they say food prices are going up again so we want to get more canned goods etc so if it does and we can't get fresh then we are covered more. 

Gas prices have soared over here it has been so dramatic and went up overnight once russia started on the  Ukraine... it went up to 1.99 per litre...which is approx $7 per expensive, but our state pays so much we have the highest electricity in the world...a 3 month bill is $600 plus for most people...but paycheck are much smaller than other states..rents have sky is getting expensive....

I have been helping my step son out with his old landlord thats a big story in itself...since his stroke like episode his brain doesn't work properly...but that is another story for another day....we have some bad weather coming in this afternoon and for the next couple of days...australias weather has been bad especially with flooding this year and weird because it is summer..well autumn starting tomorrow

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  1. disneysteve Says:

    Mail to Australia was stopped a couple of months ago. I'd have to look up exactly when. Hopefully important stuff like tax paperwork is still being handled, though.

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