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June 28th, 2020 at 03:08 am

Was a bad start to the week, my youngest daughter lost her FT job but she is now on unemployment so that will help her out she decided to go back to college and do social work, she did a transfer from her nursing school and starts late july as a mid year student so things foe her are looking up...but she is still trying to look for a part time job as well while she studies.

Our oldest is doing great with her walking, I decided to do a long walk with her yesterday it was 9.6 km (my part she walked a little further up the street to make it 10km) and I was so tired when I got home but I made it.

hubby got the car back and it is running like a new now he can put in and get a towbar on it..he will call this week and get it booked in..he seems to be doing okay but his energy levels are still pretty low in the afternoon and he sometimes needs to nap...hoping in aug his tests results are good and there is no more cancer..only time will tell.
Will take a look at the budget again this weekend as next week is pay week and see how we are going also have the girls b-days in july..they only get money and a cake..and they are fine with that....and I have had that money put away since the beginning of the year...and will make the cake here is pretty normal but cold...can't wait till spring and it warms up a bit...

Other than that we are just trying to keep saving for a house deposit

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