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November 4th, 2022 at 01:05 am

OMG we finally have a sunny day...seriously it has been spring for over 2 months and we have had 4 sunny over this cold wet windy weather...have a few days of it so going to enjoy before the rain is back next week.

Have all the bills paid and had a little extra since the US$ is down here, that will com in handy since our dog need to get his teeth cleaned and have 2 lumps will book that in for mid month, will cost around $1000, he also needs to be groomed again which is around $70. Have been stocking our shelves a bit lately since I hate shopping and moreso around christmas....which we havent even thought of yet..need to start the shopping for that.

As for our garden...our vegies are growing so slowly...not sure we will get much from them this year as it has been so cold and wet and no sun that they just can't grow well...but we have a few sunny days so hopefully that will help.

grocery prices have gone up so much lately, but we are managing to do okay food budget has gone way up but we just adjust our budget, we don't eat take out much just cook at home.

As for the CC, we are plugging away at that slowly...figured would save what we can all month and 3rd week into the month we will put everything we can on it until it is paid off....should take a couple months but that is okay...its the only debt we have...other than that not much happening...starting to spring clean and declutter a little..I'm 2 months late but it has been like winter and just haven't felt like doing it.

My nephew has a 2 hr driving lesson tomorrow morning..its from 7.30-9.30am..hes not happy getting up that early on a sat but he has to...there is literally hardly any spaces for people to do driving lessons..everyone is booked out will cost around $180 for the 2 hours...then we will do another test in a few weeks and then he should be ready for his vort test and the same guy can do it...then he will have his licence and then he has to get a job if he wants a car so he can pay for his gas/rego & insurance

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    Hopefully you'll get more sun and your garden will flourish.

    I hear you on the grocery prices. Anymore if we do go out, we go for breakfast or lunch because it is far cheaper. One of the benefits of being retired.

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