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done some planting

September 19th, 2019 at 06:49 pm

It is spring here and now we have moved I have finally planted some vegetable...only in pots but nothing like home grown vegies...and can save some money on salads...almost bbq weather cant wait to just be sitting outside eating dinner with the family...our blueberry bush is really blooming so cant wait to start harvesting those...

Things have settled down with only rubbish to get rid of which is mainly boxes then should be back on track with no added expenses

We have started menu planning again so using what we had in the freezer and cupboards we only used $54 so far this week, we go to store every couple of weeks for fruit and veg/salad stuff...which is expensive...but we eat a lot of fresh produce...

so by end of year we should be debt free again and ready to save for a house...can't wait

almost had to spend money!

September 11th, 2019 at 09:09 pm

My car door latch has been broken for a bit..it doesnt affect the door shutting or staying shut but the other day it wouldnt let us lock the car..for 3 days (lucky we live in a good neighborhood) so I called around to see how much the aprts were to fix it...didn't want to spend much money as our car is a 2005 so getting old and we are trying to save for a newer one...the parts alone were $325 and I thought Im not paying that so after playing with the door for a bit it is back to working and locking...so saved that money for now...gives a bit more time to save...

On the upside we have been selling a few more things so have been making a few extra $'s ($100 in last 2 days) not really sure what we are doing with the money yet as there are things that we need to do so might just do that...who knows

Well we need to go pick up our old computer so we can put up for sale...havent used in awhile and needed the password taken off of it...

Weather is starting to get nice and have started to plant some vegetables for spring...almost bbq time...cant wait

more money in

September 5th, 2019 at 06:55 pm

This month has been pretty good for money, our daughters money from insurance came in so we moved that to her account. We owed her $4000 for the deposit for the house when we moved so far have paid her back almost $2000 that should be paid off in october...she doesnt mind...we have taught her well with money.

with the dollar being down we got a few hundred extra dollars which we gave to our daughter so we can pay her off sooner....then the CC and then we are back to being debt free again

few extra dollars

September 2nd, 2019 at 06:42 pm

got $132 back from old insurance policy.

Daughter will get $550 back from insurance for stuff that was destroyed with the flooding so we will just give that to her.

With the dollar being down we get a few extra dollars (as some of our income is from the US) so that will help boost one account not sure which yet..

still need to menu plan before thursday or might do it thursday while everyone is out and buy groceries friday..not sure yet...

Starting to feel better and healthier already in this house...even he animals are different, more relaxed and energetic...so we know it was the right move...and it only takes our youngest 5 mins to get to work now instead of 35 mins LOL...she likes that.