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getting better discounts

October 8th, 2018 at 04:54 am

It was time to renew our contract for gas/elec and we have been with the same people for years (they are competitive priced) and managed to get our elec savings rate from 18% to 21% (paid on time) so more savings there...and yes we always pay our bills on time..they are budgeted for...also paid another years worth of contents insurance budgeted $800 but it was only $640 so can keep the rest in our bills account which means adding a little less next year.

Haven't needed much for groceries but hubby had grocery money left over so we stockpiled a few things that were on sale and we are doing okay this week so should hopefully have some left over.

Haven't really spent much money this month other than 2 dvds (with my illness I spend a lot of time in bed so I have dvds...lots of them) and we are getting the car serviced tomorrow but other than that not much else we do need to work on the car a bit my mom literally broke the passenger handle off the door...so need to get that fixed.

next week one child is off on a 2 week holiday with friends and the other is house sitting so hubby and I will have the house to ourselves....will be so nice...don't get that very often.

5 Responses to “getting better discounts”

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