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pay week this week

May 31st, 2019 at 10:56 pm

I love payday...this month will be starting to get money back ito our accounts.

We had planned a couple day trip which I had planned on spending around $800...we have decided against that trip and going to just do some day trips around here which should save us some money..especially in gas it around $90 plus to fill up our car..so will take that out and put in an envelope when it is gone then we don't go anywhere else.

I will start getting money put back into our ice acct $2000 is where I want it to be once there I will then focus on getting the money back into the car account that we used...that shouldn't take to long then it will be paying off that dreaded CC again...after that it will be savings...that I am looking forward to.

The good thing is that the weather has been so cold and wet here that we really haven't been going out much so we haven't been spending money at all...except food...just enjoying having my friend here..spending time together....can't believe she leaves in 5 weeks...it is going way to fast

budget 2020

May 25th, 2019 at 08:55 pm

Well I couldn't sleep last night and I thik it was because of my budget swimming around in my head...it is driving me crazy to be so far off track ad I hate it so i sat down today and did my budget for the rest of this year and 2020...yep I am that organised and it is easy to do.

So I have put us on a budget to do a few things with my friend while she is still here, the cold weather here as made for lots of slow cooker recipies...as we get real tired by end of day...so we are trying to pull back on groceries...food is expensive over here especially in winter with vegetables..in summer we grow a lot of our own vegies...and we eat a bit of fruit which is also expensive in winter...

But I think we can get our ICE account to $2000 by end of year, $5000 in the car acct by end of year and some savings...I would like a couple thousand but won't hold my breathe right now

Next year if nothing major comes up we will be on track to having our house deposit, we will buy a good second hand car ad then in 2 years we will buy a house but 2021 will be saving for thigs like solar panels etc for our new house...so that is the plan...I feel more relaxed...it seems like a long time but 2020 is only just over 6 months away.

The rest of this year will be focused on my health and trying to get better and fitter now that I can leave the house a bit more....

only 6 weeks to go

May 24th, 2019 at 06:28 pm

I am absolutely loving having my best friend here visiting but it has devastated my budget...I hate that we have no money...ad with our election (and no I didn't vote for the liberals here) they have already raised several taxes and fines...I don't care about the fines if you do the wrong thing then you pay for it but the taxes will hurt so many people....and everything has gone up...gas/food/insurances/public transport etc....our state pays the highest elec in the world...its getting so hard for so many people.

I like to be organised so i am hoping that we can save some money next month we have a 3 day trip we are taking which should be our last big expense but we should be able to take a lot of food with us and save money and the second night we can stay at our nieces so we won't have to pay for that..so can save some extra money.

I really do stress when we owe money such as the CC and I just wanted it gone...but only 6 weeks to go and then we can get back on track and start our savings back up and our CC back down...so heres to great 6 weeks left of the visit and hopefully some money in the bank....never thought that an extra person would cost so much especially in food...but it really adds up....we can remember that for next time

friend = rough budget

May 16th, 2019 at 06:30 am

My friend has now been here for 5 weeks and she is doing great even lost 8lbs....she says its all the good food she is eating here (we rarely eat packaged food)...so that is a bonus...food is still costing us a bit but we are coping...have bought the ticket home...so that is done...june we are going to day a trip for a couple of days will be expensive as will cost around $400-500 just in gas but I think it is worth it...

Have made no progress on the budget or savings but not really going to worry about that until they leave in july...then will get back to our goals...have been using the heater and dryer a lot more now so elec bill will be a bit higher but should have that covered

hope everyone is enjoyig their warmer weather so cold and wet here

may already

May 2nd, 2019 at 10:26 pm

Can't believe it is may already....my friend has been here 3 weeks already...time is flying by...but we are just enjoying chilling....some things I have learnt lately

Having extra people in a house is costly...even if it is only 1

Anything that can go wrong usually does all at the same time...yep had to replace another appliance.

Trying to stick to a budget is hard when you want to do things with people and gas keeps rising we pay over $80 just to fill our tank so day trips are getting expensive

I hate shopping and thats all my friend likes to do...so we take turns who takes her...I said she needs a budget while she is here she said no...my kids just looked at her like she was an alien...and said you don't have a budget...why? but she just spends what she makes...her choice....but not something we are use to.

We are behind where we want to be with our budget but all bills are paid on time and Im hoping to buy a plane ticket next week for her to go then we can get that out of the way and do some more trips that we want to do....and hopefully do it on a more cost effective way...

The weather has been cold and miserable here with so much rain which we need...but my body feels broken..with the cold and damp and hubby who has copd also has bronchitis again for the last 5 weeks...so havent wanted him to go anywhere as we also have a flu epidemic over here right now...if he gets that it will kill him....so we just chill out and hope nobody gets sick.....

Heres hoping we have a little bit of savings by end of month