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may already

May 2nd, 2019 at 10:26 pm

Can't believe it is may already....my friend has been here 3 weeks already...time is flying by...but we are just enjoying chilling....some things I have learnt lately

Having extra people in a house is costly...even if it is only 1

Anything that can go wrong usually does all at the same time...yep had to replace another appliance.

Trying to stick to a budget is hard when you want to do things with people and gas keeps rising we pay over $80 just to fill our tank so day trips are getting expensive

I hate shopping and thats all my friend likes to do...so we take turns who takes her...I said she needs a budget while she is here she said no...my kids just looked at her like she was an alien...and said you don't have a budget...why? but she just spends what she makes...her choice....but not something we are use to.

We are behind where we want to be with our budget but all bills are paid on time and Im hoping to buy a plane ticket next week for her to go then we can get that out of the way and do some more trips that we want to do....and hopefully do it on a more cost effective way...

The weather has been cold and miserable here with so much rain which we need...but my body feels broken..with the cold and damp and hubby who has copd also has bronchitis again for the last 5 weeks...so havent wanted him to go anywhere as we also have a flu epidemic over here right now...if he gets that it will kill him....so we just chill out and hope nobody gets sick.....

Heres hoping we have a little bit of savings by end of month

1 Responses to “may already”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Sorry the weather is effecting you and hubby.

    I think your friend's stay may be an education as they see the differences in lifestyles. You are smart to budget. Hopefully you don't wind up with no savings at the end. I understand your frustration when people only want to shop.

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