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saving money tips

June 21st, 2019 at 10:52 pm

So I have just rejigged my budget for when our house guest leaves in early july 8th)...I have also have our menu plan done ready to go the day she leaves so we can get back on track and hopefully save some money in that area....my hubby and I have our mad money that we get each month which we can do what we want with it...and I have 2 tins that I put money in each month for when the kids move out they have cash in their pockets to do their firt big shop etc..or whatever they need it for (only started this year)...we make our own washing powder and cleaning solution....in summer we grow a lot of own vegies...what other hings do people do to save money?
We do compare elec/gas/ins etc when they are due...just wondering what else everyone does that I might be able to consider...we live in aust

3 Responses to “saving money tips”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Some simple things we do is turn off lights in rooms we aren't in. If we are going to be gone, we adjust the thermostat so the house isn't being cooled or heated too much if we are going to be away for a few hours. I try to use up stuff we have before we buy new. I use cloth napkins instead of paper ones. I have actually made some of my own out of scrap material and wash them and reuse them. I crochet covers for my Swiller mop so I don't have to use disposable ones. Like you I make my own laundry detergent and household cleaner. Another thing we do is we try to buy stuff used if we can. I have 4 pairs of jeans I've purchased this year at thrift stores for between $3 and $3.50 each. I lost a little weight so I needed a smaller size and didn't want to purchase new ones. I make a lot of my own Christmas gifts if I can. I have a couple of friends who love it when I give them tomatoes that I canned from our garden. I crocheted pillow coverings for some pillows.

    Nice job on saving money for the kids for their purchases when they move out. If this is going to be sometime soon, perhaps look for things on sale for them for their households. A number of years ago a gal I taught with was getting married. She, of course, succumbed to the bride's registry dream of fancy dishes and such. I bought her a measuring cup off of her registry and then bought her a bunch of things for her pantry like salt, pepper, sugar, flour, canned soup, dried pasta, etc. It wasn't a cheap gift and there were a few items that she could actually my some meals since I included canned vegetables and fruits, tomato sauce, crackers, etc I also included some cleaning supplies. I remembered how expensive it was when DH and I first married and I started from scratch. . She thanked me and I could tell she wasn't exactly thrilled. However, after she used up so many things and went to the store to restock, she was shocked at how expensive it all was. One of her friends took me aside and with a chuckle said she knew how generous my gift was, but was delighted to see our mutual friend realized it too, sadly after the fact.

  2. mumof2 Says:

    Rob we do many of these things as well we try everything that we can to save money...we turn off our hot water when not using it...we usually buy second hand or haggle a great sale...unless its electronics...I don't buy them second hand as I don't trust that they are in good condition...we grow a lot of our own vegies usually...and dry and freeze as well so can use thru winter and save some money.

    No our kids won't move out anytime soon I don't think it is to expensive while in school and they are both working...we have been buying them things for when they move for a few years now things that they like and can use when they move...things they have chosen...lucky for us the kids buy a lot of what they want/need and we just buy the food if they want anything special they will get for themselves...they are pretty good with their money...the money we are saving for them is just a bonus for them that they don't know about..its funny last year when I asked my oldest what she wanted for x-mas she said things like pegs (hang out washing) extension cords, power boards etc....just things she can use when she moves out...and power tools she loves to build things...
    I don't think people realise the cost of moving out and living on their own it is a real eye opener

  3. MsGoose Says:

    Hi, I just found your blog.
    I'm not sure if you have grocery coupons in AU, but that's one of the main ways we save money. With the exception of dishwasher liquid/shampoo/conditioner/detergent, I dilute everything else to make it last longer. I use far less than the required amount of dishwasher liquid and laundry detergent (even if you make your own. Just use enough to where you know things will be clean).

    We also plant a produce garden during summer, so free veggies. I make use of all kinds of grocery savings apps, to earn some extra cash back. I use those rewards to buy Christmas gifts and clothing for ourselves. I also stockpile food, whenever there's a good sale on items that we use regularly. HTH

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