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we have a house

August 18th, 2019 at 04:28 am

We have a house to move into...it is costing us more a lot more in rent but the girls being adults will pay the difference as they needed more space so happy to pay. So come wednesday we wil have the packers here to pack up our stuff so next few days will be continuing to sort through and pack things.

I have been selling a few things and have made an extra $280 which we will use for the move, we also have to hire a truck to move our shed stuff ourselves (long story due to mold issue we need to clean etc first. We have a gardener organised and we will clean the house and carpets ourselves. have to call tomorrow to get all utilities turned on and then internet so might be off for a week or so...depending how long it takes them.

Cant wait for a fresh start and to get bac to a routine

extra money

August 14th, 2019 at 08:57 pm

This week has been pretty good for extra money, we got our money back from the bed $1500 put away for when we move, $12 back from the store for returned goods and $900 back from our sons bond (still owes us $900)we put this on the CC and we are also waiting for another $47 for returned goods. Also received one of our ins claims back our portion $350 was put into savings the rest went to our daughter.

So hopefully we can get moved and still have a little savings but things are looking up...lets hope for some more small wins

we can finally move

August 8th, 2019 at 11:25 pm

Well not sure if anyone remembers (why would you) but we have been having issues with flooding and mould since may...we have had so much rain the last week and now the other side of the room is wet and my daughter has lost more stuff...I was so pissed off (sorry for using those words) but I am beyond frustrated...we have tried everything to help the landlord out but to no avail...so today I emailed her and said that they have until today to get me an answer on what is happening with the fixing of the room and mould. They called about an hour later as they wanted to take pics of the new water damage and she said "the owner said you can leave anytime just give us a date when" then asked if we had looked at any other houses...I said only one that they had for rent that we looked at yeterday but we didn't think they would give it to us....they both just looked at me...so we are currently looking at houses to rent...not easy with 4 adults...starting to pack up the house and go through things so we can donate or sell that we no longer use or can fit in the new house...so now we have to cost out movers etc to see how expensive it is going to be...and our rent will be much more expensive...so have to factor everything in...puts us behind on saving for a deposit on our own house but we will get there $30,000 is a big deposit to save...but we will get there...

Cant wait for a new start!!

exhausted but financially doing better

August 4th, 2019 at 10:06 pm

So we have had many workmen out to give quotes on the work that needs to be done...one guy that looked at the back room (flooded and has mould) I told him and the landlord today that they won't be doing any work in that room until our daughter stuff is out of there...he said when will that be I said when we move unless they are paying for storage...cause Im not....we will see what happens when she tells the owner that...but im not having mould spores all over my daughters things cause they decide to take piece of wall down and carpet up..

I have started to declutter and packing up boxes of things I know we don't need out...as I have limited energy it pays to start early...hubby is not liking this at all as he is a pack rat and I am a minamilist...but we ARE getting rid of stuff he doesnt have a choice.

It was payday this week so I have managed to get my ice acct back to $2000, have replaced the money I "borrowed" from my car acct so that is back to where it should be...we have had to buy some boxes (a lot) so that has been an added expense but should be able to put $300 back into savings as well...so something going right....although we are looking for another house to rent...they are so expensive