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August 31st, 2019 at 06:17 pm

Well its payday this week....YAH!!

After the move we can't wait our accounts are looking a little dismal..but will start to get them back up to where they need to be.

I am calling to see if we can get some of our garbage can deposit back since we pay it in feb and its only aug and we have moved to a different area..hopefelly we can. Also should be getting a little extra bck from our old insurance policy as they wrote a new one which we have paid..so a few extra dollars there.

It is fathers day today but not doing much, my oldest is taking him to the state fair as a treat later this week as they love shopping together and trying new foods etc...our youngest is working so can't go.

On another front our old landlord is being a total cow about things in the house, she is saying an old phone in the house that has never worked was dusty...that they are going to charge us for painting as the paint was new when we moved in...that was 7 years ago...so is trying to get every cent she can from us...but we arent paying it she can take me to tribunal if she wants I will argue it out with them.They are already looking at moving people into the house this week and they havent touched the black mould yet...this worries me as it can make you so sick but we have done all we can do...
We have also put a compensation claim in for the not being able to use the room, rubbish removal etc...don't think we will get anything but I am just proving a point to them..they think they can push people around and they can't and they lie...so even if it wastes their timeand we get nothing...I'm happy with that...maybe it will change how they do things..if we get anything..bonus...will go into an account we are starting next year for a house deposit.

wow its only the 1st of september and so much happening already...but we are all much happier in this house and more relaxed...even more so when the weather becomes nicer and we can start sitting outside and bbqing

3 Responses to “September”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    She's worried about paint and dust but not about black mold? What an idiot!

  2. fireandi Says:

    Your landlady's priorities are totally screwed up. I hate it when landlords try to milk the poor tenants for every cent they can get. You lived there for 7 years for goodness' sake! It's not going to be fresh paint!!!

  3. mumof2 Says:

    You guys have no idea what an idiot she is being...we were great tenants always had everything paid on time or early, took care of the house fixed things ourselves etc...she is horrible and trying to get what she can...but we will end up in tribunal...probably twice as we are going for compensation...we werent going to we were just happy to be in a nicer home...but since she is being like this we are....serves her right

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