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almost had to spend money!

September 11th, 2019 at 09:09 pm

My car door latch has been broken for a bit..it doesnt affect the door shutting or staying shut but the other day it wouldnt let us lock the car..for 3 days (lucky we live in a good neighborhood) so I called around to see how much the aprts were to fix it...didn't want to spend much money as our car is a 2005 so getting old and we are trying to save for a newer one...the parts alone were $325 and I thought Im not paying that so after playing with the door for a bit it is back to working and locking...so saved that money for now...gives a bit more time to save...

On the upside we have been selling a few more things so have been making a few extra $'s ($100 in last 2 days) not really sure what we are doing with the money yet as there are things that we need to do so might just do that...who knows

Well we need to go pick up our old computer so we can put up for sale...havent used in awhile and needed the password taken off of it...

Weather is starting to get nice and have started to plant some vegetables for spring...almost bbq time...cant wait

1 Responses to “almost had to spend money!”

  1. Amber Says:

    Great save on fixing the latch yourself, $300 is ridiculous

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