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been a bit spendy lately

July 17th, 2020 at 01:09 pm

I hate winter it makes me miserable and I tend to spend more money. Yesterday I bought myself a new blanket the one on my bed was getting old, the dog sleeps on it, has scratched on it and it had a couple small holes and it was so thick you couldnt wash bought a new one that is so warm and soft and can be washed easily..and yes I do have 2 other blankets on the bed for the dog...I bought DD1 new warm sheets..this house gets cold...bought DD2 a new cover for her bed again it is warm and goes nicely with her new bed...these were wants and not needs but I don't do it often...both my hubby and DD1 asked if I was ok as I never buy myself anything and I bought myself a new blanket and a new rug...also biught stuff for a baby shower and house warming gift to send to the US (that cost $99) postage is so I think I am done shopping now!

bills here are paid I think I might pay a couple early for next month since we have the money and we have a few busy weeks next savings is doing ok and we are adding to it slowly...had a couple sunny days here which has been nice

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