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looked at a house...gross!!

July 27th, 2020 at 01:13 am

OMG went and looked at a house said it needed some work done to it, was near the beach where we want to move back to, it was reasonably we went and had a many people there ro see still had a lot of stuff that need to be removed from the was a mess needed some big upgrades..had water damage inside and out...the yard was so overgrown you couldn't even get to it...the house was so gross, rust everywhere etc...but the smell was so bad...even with every door and window open...I say to my daughter..this smell would be so hard to get out..I wonder what it is....smelled like a dead animal..the guy behind me mate lived here he was in the house a week afer he died...that was enough for was to much work for what we would have to do especially for the price and I don't want to live in a house where a person laid dead for a week before anyone the search continues..hopefully will be well enough to start seeing companies about loans and options

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