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did federal taxes drop?

January 31st, 2021 at 01:32 am

Well hubby got an unexpected small pay raise in his pay this month and when we looked it up his federal taxes has dropped by around $80pm....we didn't expect this and just wondering if this happened to everyone or should we raise it higher so we don't owe taxes etc....not sure how the system orks over there. 

We are still looking for a house...waiting to hear back from some...working on the yard....moving stuff into storage (mainly from the shed) a mini skip in to get rid of the we are getting there...hubby slowly packing up his stuff and I have started helping my daughter pack up her stuff...the stress is getting to her and with bipolar we need to watch her close so will her her do a lot of it and it won't be so bad...our lease runs out in 19 days😨 so hopefully we get a place soon....we were told by the real estate agent that they have usually between 50-120 people applying for each house as so many people are coming back from other countries to australia because of covid that there just isn't enough it is tough!!

3 Responses to “did federal taxes drop?”

  1. terri77 Says:

    No clue, that’s interesting.

  2. disneysteve Says:

    I don't know the details but there was a change to the W-4 where you report your deductions. He should check on that to make sure taxes are being properly withheld.

  3. mumof2 Says:

    we are not sure how to do that calling companies from over here can get expensive..and thats if you can get a hold of someone...its the military so I am assuming they are doing the right thing...

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