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so cold and wet

June 7th, 2022 at 08:40 am

OMG we have had rain everyday for 2 weeks and still have another week to is such weird weather...its cold and it down pours for like an hour then it is sunny for a half hour then down pouring again...been 2 weeks like that...we are over it. Although the garlic has been growing well didn't think it would with all the rain but it is..should have some more in this week to plant...and my daughter has grown some seeds from her bell pepper seeds so she wants to start putting them into egg cartons to grow them a little bigger before planting them in the garden...

It is pay week so we will go and get some meat...don't really need much else so can put some money back into hubby had a doona which was quite is new but it sounds like paper when he was driving me I asked my daughter to get another one and she found this super soft is amazing and so warm...she loved it so I got her to buy herself one (my treat) as she deserves it...she does so much for us....and she loves an expense we didn't plan on but it is worth hubby has 2 in our room and one in the lounge...they are beds where the head and feet move up and down...with his cancer treatments he has nights he can't sleep so he will move to the lounge on those nights so I can sleep's weird for some but it works for us.

My daughter has started her fertility treatment she needs to get another med she hasn't had before and it costs over $300 so hopefully it will work this time...only time will tell she will have a scan and then bloods done every day next week ready to be inseminated

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  1. Amber Says:

    I’ve gotten a ton of rain where I am as well.
    Fingers crossed that all goes well with your daughter.

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