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Roe vs Wade and the US financial toll??

June 27th, 2022 at 01:38 am

Well as an australian I can't believe what I am hearing from the US...I have read so much and who knows how much of it is true or not as there is so much to research but my question is and I would like honest opinions, or tell me if I am wrong (but don't be negative teach and inform..don't tear people down) but these are y thoughts.

Women in some states can't have abortions, so they will need to travel to get one, who pays for that? if they can't get them who is going to pay their medical costs, doctors visits, childcare, formula (which there is a shortage), clothes, education etc? Where are the men in all of this are they going to have their names put on the birth certificates and are they paying half for all of these bills from the beginning of the pregnancy as that seems fair. If not and these women put their kids into the foser system then isn't the govt paying for them and what little care they get in foster care anyways....what happens when all these kids have no foster care places to go it is an already burdened sysytem. 

Most rape and children that are molested are done so by people they know and made to have these children, if they have an abortion in a different state and then return home they can get up to 10 years jail...where a rapist prison term can start at a an already burdened jail system is going to be overrun by women going into jail for sometimes lifesaving medical care or just for not wanting to put them and the child through a really tough life...and if they have other kids who knows where they will end up and then getting a job after prison will damn near be impossible as they have been to prison.....the scenarios for the financial of not only individuals but the US just seems to keep going on and on.....what are your thoughts? 

Also if a doctor was to do a medical procedure like an abortion how would anyone know thought they couldnt discuss a patients medical history? isn't that breaking the law as well so how would the police or anyone know?? If you just deny it they have no reason to open your records right? I know we have a couple medical people on here so thought I would ask

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  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    My guess is that if a woman travels to another state to get an abortion it would violate HIPAA if the doctor told anyone. Simply refuse to give them the name of your primary care doctor, don't give a social security number (you don't have to give any medical person one, even though they often ask, just cite identity theft reasons), keep it completely to yourself you were pregnant to begin with, and don't say anything to anyone after the fact, and pay in cash so you can't be tracked by a credit or debit card.

    I think they would probably institute an anonymous system for out of state abortions. Also, I don't think it is enforceable for one state to prosecute a crime that occurs in another state, especially if it is not a crime in the state it occurs in, although possibly in Texas they could. Texas had very specific requirements if the U.S. wanted to annex them and are the only state that can legally secede from the union with no consequences, so they are the weird duck of the union. I wouldn't be surprised if women created a kind of underground railroad to help women get to abortion clinics out of state. You'd have to be very careful about something like that, too.

    Honestly, I think Congress is going to put out an emergency bill allowing abortion in all 50 states and prevent criminal charges, at least in the first trimester for everyone, but mostly in the cases of rape and incest, for the health of the mother, and in the case of evacuating a dead baby or a baby who isn't viable and will die outside the womb, or even a really, really young girl (like 9 to 12). I think most people in America accept that as reasonable. Using it as birth control, not so much.

    I don't think Congress will pass the bill into law until closer to the mid-term election in the fall. I think they will use it as a campaign issue and then pass it right before they might lose power, but after the election. Then if they do lose power, the law will be rescinded and we'll be right back in the same boat.

    I am uneasy about abortion, because I believe life begins at conception and God knew us in the womb as it says in the Bible. I never could have had one myself, both because of my beliefs, but also because one of my childhood best friends was the product of rape and she is amazing, beautiful, and so talented with music it sometimes made me cry growing up when she played her instruments or sang. When I think of the world deprived of that, it hurts. Despite feeling abortion is wrong in nearly all cases, I still supported my other childhood best friend after she got an abortion. I had empathy for her desperation. I understood her reasons. I could feel the weight and the pain of her making such a horrible decision. It was hard to do that, too, because I was almost full term with my daughter at the time. I kept to myself that I thought she was making a mistake, because it was hers to make, not mine, and I never judged her for it. I just made sure she was loved. We were both incredibly sad about it, but we were sad together.

    There are pregnancy centers to help underprivileged women with prenatal care, and after delivery, housing assistance, diapers, bottles, clothing, etc., if they want to keep the baby, and adoption assistance if they do not. Healthy babies don't go into foster care if the mother gives them up. They go to the millions of infertile couples in this country who want babies. Sick or genetically abnormal babies usually go for adoption, too, but if not they go into a special needs long-term foster care situation. These pregnancy centers are the ones currently being firebombed by the pro-abortion side, because they don't understand what they are actually for, they just think they are anti-abortion advocates, when all they want to do is help pregnant women and new mothers. I know a woman who is pro-abortion who volunteers at one of these centers, because she feels it is just as important to provide care for either direction. She also works for planned parenthood. Also, I didn't agree with the firebombing of abortion clinics, either.

    There is also WIC, the Women, Infants, and Children governmental program, which provides vouchers for healthy foods on a list. In the stores, the price tag will read WIC right next to the price if it is included. They also help with formula. I believe it is income based. But it allows for foods for pregnant women right on up until a baby is two, I believe. Many states have free health insurance programs for poor people, or at least they do here on the West Coast. California even has paid maternity leave. Some programs give out monthly transit passes, too.

    So many people get so angry about the issue, on both sides, and this is amped up by politicians, and the media that inflames their rhetoric even higher. Abortion is not something that makes me angry. It is something that makes me sad. I don't believe most every day women who get an abortion do it because they want to. They do it because they feel they have to. These nut jobs that celebrate it, though, they make me sick. And anyone who fire bombs an abortion clinic or a pregnancy center, deserves to go to prison for a very long time. So that's my dollar's worth (since 2 cents is worthless with this inflation). Sorry, it's so rambling.

  2. mumof2 Says:

    A nurse wrote on a page today that she works in a nicu l/d ward and as soon as that law changed their state went into effect, later that night a women came in with an etopic pregnancy in a lot of pain..they needed to do an abortion...but the doc had to call a lawyer and see what they could do so he didn't lose his took tem 9 hours, it burst and she had 600cc of blood in her lower abdomen and she almost died...she said she is scared for all these women...but also scared for themselves as they can't do what they are trained to do and that is saves is scary over there right now being a woman...and I know that people will die because of this ruling and I hope these families sue each state that it happens to because it is the states fault!!

  3. Lots of Ideas Says:

    The financial side of the Roe decision is huge impact.

    Wealthy women will still be able to travel for safe abortions.
    There are funds being set up to help others, but states are adding criminal penalties both for traveling out of state and for helping others. This will add to the cost of the judicial system, including prosecutors, public defenders, court staff, and jails.
    It will also take those incarcerated out of the workforce.

    Women forced to bear children they don’t feel equipped to care for May need to leave the work force because daycare is both difficult to find and expensive.

    There are 400,000 children in foster care and 92,000 awaiting adoption. They are not perfect White infants though, so difficult to place. Lack of access to abortion isn’t going to produce a stream of ‘desirable’ babies. Nor should a womean be forced to give birth so someone else can have a child. What’s next? Forced organ donation?

    Medical treatment for ectopic pregnancies, death in womb pre birth are also compromised.

    Many men in the US do not regularly pay child support, even for children created during marriage who they have relationships with. Paying for children they never wanted will be even more problematic.

    Suicide rates of women forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy will rise.

    The party Suicide rates of women forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy will rise. ending abortion does not favor economic support for anyone but the military. Their 2022 platform includes raising taxes on those who make less than $50,000 - today most people in this group pay no income tax.
    They also favor ‘re-examine’ And ‘reauthorizing’ Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid every five years, and repealing the Affordable Care Act. Their financial repercussions go well beyond child bearing age women.

    American women need to think carefully before they vote in November.

    I support a woman’s right to choose, and I don’t think many take the decision lightly.

    Even worse, Justice Thomas noted that same Sen marriage and access to birth control are next.

  4. Lots of ideas Says:

    And I want to add that fertility treatments, like what you’ve shared your daughter is going through, may end up outlawed too because the fertilized egg is considered ‘life’ and discarding them may be illegal in some states.

  5. Kay Taylor Says:

    Actually my daughter is doing iui so she isnt discarding anything..they just insert the sperm into her

  6. My English Castle Says:

    I am again deeply disappointed again in my country. For me, the only obvious financial impact will be sending money to women's health programs, but for others, I just weep. I cannot believe the state of this place.

  7. Wink Says:

    Back when I was in my twenties, and married, I experienced an ectopic pregnancy. My husband and I were both heartbroken. I had to have my fallopian tube and my baby, removed. I cannot image having to endure that in a state where it may now be illegal to save the mother's life. I am sharing this because I just don't think that people truly understand the full ramifications of what will happen to women as a result of this decision.

  8. mumof2 Says:

    MEC do you think they will raise taxes etc to cover costs of all teh kids that end up in foster care, mothers being put in jail etc..someone has to pay for it all...and the govt gets their money from where??

    Wink so sorry you had to go through that but yes people in some states will die because of this ruling

    Honey when a doctor will lose his license if he proceeds with a medical procedure then no most won't just do it and suffer the consequences later..its their income many have worked and studied for years to get that degree and don't want it gone on 1 case...and yes there will be consequences...and they will use doctors as examples so others won't do yes there would be an can bet on that!!
    Okay I will ask you if doctors give abortions in these states that have banned it how will the state know?? The doctor is bound by law not to discuss a patients record, the patient can deny how will they convict them or know unless they are breaking the law by going through people medical records??...honestly I want to know...if they make it where you can have an abortion for medical reasons than doctors will start making them all medical will the state prove any difference?? I hope things change of there because people have the rght to bear arms but not the same right over their bodies...and no-one can make you donate any part of your body, blood, plasma etc but they can make you have a baby...wheres the logic??

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