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budget restart 2022

July 17th, 2022 at 08:03 am

So I decided earlier this month that I would start a new budget..back to basics, redo everything and start over and get back on track...not only have we gone off the rails we have flipped several times and ended up god knows where with everything that has been going today went back to basics.

for the rest of this year I will concentrate getting $2000 back  into our ice acct and paying off the dreaded CC these are my main 2 goals to achieve this year once that is done we will start saving. Once we reach the $2000 in ice acct we will continue to add $100 a month to boost it up.

I have also divided up and opened up accts for different things such as car/pom/ins so I can keep them seperate...wasn't working to well having them all in the same those amounts will start going into those accts in august.

Come december I will open up a xmas acct and put $100 a month in it for christmas for the family & charities...usually I just budget in for december but thought this might make it easier on the budget.

I am back to menu planning and have that written up and then we will start shopping with only what is on our menu anyone wanting treats can use their own mad money for that...hoping this way we can save some money on groceries. We currently spend $1000 plus on groceries...but food is expensive our milk alone is $6 for 2 litres..but some things we won't compromise on.

All going well the CC should be paid off oct 2022, the ice acct should be at $2000 by sept...and starting oct we should be able to start saving something each month...that amount will vary each month..but any savings is good.

The CC is the only debt we have so once it is gone we will be debt free again. feeling positive about the new budget, will just need to figure out the best places to do our grocery shopping between stores and markets (fresh fish/fruit/vege..all locally grown)...but we will discuss that at our family meeting later today. 

Next thing to focus on is our health and that will take more research but can focus on that now the budget is done for not only 2022 but also 2023...if anyone has any suggestions then please leave them below for consideration..thanks

2 Responses to “budget restart 2022”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    We have a Christmas Club account and put $100 in it each month. It sure is nice come January that we owe nothing for Christmas!

  2. mumof2 Says:

    We always do a cash christmas..never use the CC for it or anything and usually buy stuff on sale all year...last couple years just ordered online...but kids are older and really don't need anything so I will buy them a little something for under the tree and give them money and they can spend on themselves how they like...they both make their own money so buy whatever they want or need when they want.

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