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last post deleted?

September 18th, 2022 at 01:43 am

I wrote up a post but it looks like it has a small catch up my nephew is doing great here had a couple days off school as he was sick and ended up in the ER, he took himself as he was on his way to school when he almost collapsed...did everything himself, he ended up having a sinus infection and he clenches his jaw so much that his whole jaw was in pain and was having headaches...also took him to the dentist as they thought the jaw ain could h ave been his wisdom teeth coming wasn't (it was the clenching jaw) and we found out he needed several we booked him in for his first lot, they say they need 2 more appts and it should only cost my mom $106 out of that was nice, over here the govt will pay $1026per child per year to go to the that helped a lot...we asked why he had so many fillings he brushes twice a day and doesn't eat  a lot of junk food and they said it was probably his lack of eating/ of the reasons he moved in with us was he wasn't being fed. But he is doing great now, eating a lot, putting on some weight, has more energy, going to school everyday (except when sick) and is much happier.

My mom came down earlier in the week for a couple days...she is so much more relaxed seeing how he is going and looking now so she is finally relaxed enough to focus on herself and her move...she will move tuesday back down to the city and stay with a friend until we find a place for her to live..hopefully won't be long.

We are spending more on food with a teen in the house but that is okay, all bills are paid and even managed to put $400 on the CC...will take a few months to get it paid off again but we will eventually...I'm not going to stress about it...working on that and getting my ice acct back up.

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    Sorry about the nephew, but glad he's doing better. That's great about your mom visiting.

    Good job on having bills paid and putting extra on the CC!

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