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2023 budget...any ideas??

November 27th, 2022 at 02:55 am

Well this year has been pretty much a bust on our budget so much has gone on and health wise not so great so I just didn't stick to it like I should have and we will end the year with no savings and owing on the CC (which was hacked, so sorting it out), but we did use it and owe on I have done our 2023 budget and I'm going to stick to it no matter what...

Our CC is the only debt we have but it is big (big for me anyways) I hate CC but keep it as we are retired we can no longer get loans, but that is okay I don't like owing anyways. I monthly bills are always paid early or on time and we have great credit history. 

So as it stands our

CC will be paid off in feb

ice Acct will have $2000 in it march (we will then $100 a month to it to build it up)

We will be putting $100 a month away for christmas

any extra money we have will be put into our savings account to buy a house..only done budget till July next year but as it stands we should have $13,500 saved...about 1/5 of what we need for a deposit but we will be getting there slowly but surely.

We have several accounts


both have our own mad money accts




savings (house)



We think that is enough accounts for should work out and then if anything comes up we should be able to cover it....I have underestimated our income so we could potentially save more but I don't do it to the penny as some of our income is in US $ and that will depend on the exchange rate which also affects our income over here...also doesn't include any tax returns etc...just our base income...I also try to inflate our bills as they keep going up. 

If there is anything you think I may have missed then let me know...and no we don't do a retirement fund like you guys do...we do if we are working...but it is different here.


2 Responses to “2023 budget...any ideas??”

  1. CreditRules Says:

    It looks like you have over $2,000 left each month after paying your bills. That's great, especially for retired people. I think you should look at where that money went in 2022 and try to figure out if your 2023 budget is realistic. If you post 2022 actual spending and your 2023 budget, I'm sure people will be happy to give thoughts and ideas. Good luck!

  2. mumof2 Says:

    I didn't track everything last year but a lot of it was for my health issues and helping family move we know where it went...just wondering if anyone had any ideas on this one

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