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August 2nd, 2018 at 07:18 am

I have always done what I could for charity throughout my life and although my health isn't great I still do what I can for my 2 best charities.
The first is for a charity that provides meal/water/clothes/showers/clothes washing etc for the homeless...you can pay a certain amount for a day and it provides meals for the homeless...so I do this for my birthday instead of a party...nothing I want or need and my hubby and kids get to spend 3 hours each with me and they plan what we do (its interesting)..

The second is providing items for backpacks for foster children and children that have run from dv situations..its hard to get things down to them as its an hour drive (one way) and I can't travel so I have been buying gifts all year for their christmas gifts...its all I can do for now.

All these are budgeted for and it doesn't come out of our gift budget and I get to hit sales all year...does anyone else put things like this in their budget?

1 Responses to “Charity”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    It sounds like two worthy charities and you are a good person tot think of others.

    We have one specific charity we donate to each month. They are a food pantry plus they have free clothing and they have a financial program to help people get out from under the pay day loans. Plus, they have one day a week where they give vouchers for free furniture through another service agency. Our monthly gift is budgeted. Our church has a basket for donations of canned goods and nonperishables and when I get something free from our Free Friday Download from Kroger, I add it to the basket too.

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