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September 7th, 2018 at 04:40 am

Well being sick on top of a chronic illness has been extremely boring...to sick to do anything..so glad we have netflix...but on the upside still not spending other than groceries...which my hubby usually does.

I have our savings up over $1000 but only updating my blog at end of month as it changes all the time..so feeling good about that...set it up that I have $100 a month going directly into my retirement fund (super as we call it) every bit helps. only have a couple more christmas gifts to get and then I'm done other than stocking and food...so can mark that off my to do list..still need to finish up the shed and get some things put up for sale online and make a few dollars (hopefully)...even thinking about a garage sale just not sure yet and hubby is thinking of selling his boat as well...but we will see.

so far sticking to our budget now just need to get my moms budget for next year done

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