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back on track next month

September 27th, 2018 at 12:40 am

The last couple of months have been brutal when it comes to savings and I am completely off track so October I am going to get back on track hopefully won't have many or any medicines or specialists that we have to pay for...my goal is to get our savings back to at least $2000.

We spent almost $200 yesterday on meat for the freezer as it was getting low...can't wait it is almost bbq season...lots of salads and outdoor time...can't wait...our tomatoes are starting to grow as are all our herbs and blueberries...garlic is doing well and we will probably harvest in nov and get some new ones in... we still have to get in some other vegies but just haven't been able to yet with being sick..but we will soon...we have a strawberry farm about a half hour drive from us where you can pick your own so we are hoping to go there and pick strawberries and make our own jam (never done this but have wanted to) so that will save some money over the year.

so today is tweaking our budget to try reach our savings goal and to finish up my mums budget for next year...busy day but I love it

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