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maybe some answers

November 13th, 2018 at 08:07 am

Have had 3 specialist appointments this week, the first 2 said they couldn't find anything..but today I saw a neurophysio therapist and I think they might be able to help me..so that is what we are focusing on right now...so hopefully it will help...they said it will take some time as they have to retrain my brain in several areas so here's hoping...but been an expensive week and its only tuesday...now need to figure out the rest of christmas and how to pay for it...spent so much money on specialists.

On a better note my brother paid for the boat today so hubby has that for his interests...and we still have some savings...just need to sit down and rejig the budget....mom is coming downs this week or next week so can go over next years budget with her and finish up setting up her banking.

so far a good week and expensive week but we are getting there...

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