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busy weeks still recovering

February 25th, 2019 at 12:25 am

It has been a busy couple weeks and this next week isn't any different wih us having to help my hubbys son move...still recovering from helping my mom move...but its family...on the good news he has enough money for the move so he won't have to borrow from us..which is great...

have lots of appointments this week that are going to cost...we have my brothers wedding in a week but don't think we need to buy anything for that...except some money in a card..

I just looked at the CC we hardly use it but used it both jan & feb...hoping to pay it off in march if not definatly april...hate owing money...but it was things like a new washer...which is a dream and so quiet compared to our old one...but being short I almost have to climb into it to get to the bottom of it...LOL

I know I have some expenses coming up as next month we are hoping my bestie will be visiting us still waiting on passport...is taking forever...it sucks...but hopefully next month and she is hoping to stay like 3 months...can't wait so will have some expenses while she is here going and doing things and visiting places

so going to spend the week resting as i can and going through the budget to try get the CC paid of asap

1 Responses to “busy weeks still recovering”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Glad the new washer is nice. I hear you on being short and the struggles!

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