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74 days till x-mas

October 11th, 2019 at 04:54 pm

Almost the middle of october and I usually have a majority of my christmas shopping done and yet this year I have only have 2 gifts that I bought months ago...with the move and everything I am just not feeling it this year and I find it so hard to buy for the kids now...they are adults and anything they want or need they buy for themselves..so I'm just not feeling it...anyone else feeling it this year or have started their christmas shopping?

Whats the average that people spend at christmas? We only buy for our kids, my mom and her great grandson that she is raising (she has had him since birth) so it doesnt cost a lot although I tend to give our girls a good amount of money for whatever they want to get or do.

6 Responses to “74 days till x-mas”

  1. Wink Says:

    Last year (for the first time) we all agreed not to give gifts. There aren't any young children in our immediate family any more, and we are all on somewhat tight budgets, and just realized there really isn't anything we want, other then to be together to celebrate the holiday! Every Christmas Eve I have everyone over for dinner and we just enjoy each other's company. Last year was so relaxed and fun without all the stress of gift buying. It's not for everyone, but it works for us.

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    $0, in our house. We focus more on charity during the Holidays. Even that, we give away my bonus and recently my in-laws started giving us a chunk of money to donate every year. So is nothing I have to save up for. My Christmas budget is literally -$0-. (I know that is definitely not *average*, but is what we do).

  3. crazyliblady Says:

    I like monkeymama's thoughts on this. Why not instead of giving gifts in your family, find out if there are charities accepting donations for needy families or children (churches, Toys for Tots, children's hospitals, etc.)? Or work in a homeless shelter, etc. on a holiday? Just a thought.

  4. Amber Says:

    Yikes, I didn’t realize Christmas was right around the corner. I have a sinking fund for it though.
    Regarding spending, I usually spend $25 each on three great nephews and then a $100 on my teenage nephew. My mom gets a gift card for a pedi, $25. Now when SO and I was together I spent about $300 on him but since we’re no longer together, I’ll just roll over the funds for next year.

  5. rob62521 Says:

    DH and I spend a couple hundred on each other, but it usually winds up being clothes to replace some or shoes. I am getting a new casserole Crockpot. I know, because I bought it. LOL I do spend some on some friends, but a lot of it stuff I've made. I do tip the gals who cut our hair and does our massages. I usually tip the paper carrier, but not this year. Our paper has been wet and we had to play hide and seek with it until I finally said, throw it in front the garage door. It was too much trouble for them to actually walk a few steps and put it on our front stoop.

  6. mumof2 Says:

    we do donate to charity all year and over here one of our big department stores has a mid year christmas layby (layaway) so it gives you 6 months to pay off we do one of these for the foster care charity we donate to all year and we also volunteer during the year at a homeless shelter we don't really have many here mainly 1 and it can be hard to help there as their list is always full all year...but we do donate money for our b-days etc...and you can help out on those days as well...so we do do a lot...we have a family lunch...but we all bring things and cause it is summer here it is mainly cold food no-one wants to cook when its over 100 degrees..we will always buy for my mom..I usually ask her what she wants and I usually give her gift vouchers...and we always buy for our animals as well

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