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just another week

November 21st, 2019 at 04:56 am

Well yesterday was a scorcher 110 degrees and today is 70...such a difference had a few fires in our state but not near us but we had all the animal and our go bags ready...so glad we didn't need them.

Has been hectic time with so much family drama...we don't have drama but the rest of the family does. I have been helping my step son with papers for court for his divorce...his wife is greedy and his teen daughter has been having a hard time as her mother hadn't seen her in 11 weeks and then said she wanted her for the weekend but when she got there found out it was only cause she needed help baby sitting...she was so angry..she is such a sweet kid...and her mom just doesn't get what she is doing with her...finally getting her the counselling she needs to help her through this time...her mom makes me so angry, and they have no court orders so she doesn't have to see her.

Then I have been helping my mom with doing their passports...her great grandson has lived with her since birth (hes now 14) but there are no court orders and his mom is a druggie she has signed all the papers and such she doesn't mind doing that but you have to drag her to places and she lives 5 hours away so has been a real hassle...but getting there.

Then on top of that my nieces son was not returned by his dad on sunday...which breaks their court orders so she has been trying to get him back...but it is taking its toll on her....and taking to much time to get him back...

Other than that I have finished my christmas shopping. just need to put some money in my envelopes and I'm done...So ben a busy eventful week...this weekend we have a pride march and next weekend we have thankgiving...our version anyways..yes we do it on a saturday as its not a holiday over here..

3 Responses to “just another week”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    You are kind to help your stepson. I'm sure this has been difficult for him with the drama.

    It's sad that some folks can't follow court orders.

    Good job on the Christmas shopping!

  2. pjmama Says:

    oof. All that family drama can be so draining. It's lovely that you make yourself available to help out. I'm sure (or at least hope!) they appreciate it.

  3. mumof2 Says:

    Thankyou yest they do appreciate it...my mom finally has the passport paperwork finalised and in now just have to wait...step son has papers into the court and just have to wait to hear from them...and my neice and her lawyer are getting a recovery order...he said she can come visit him but she can't leave the house with him...we said no...he probably won't let her leave either...so we will see what happens...I hope he only gets supervised visits!!

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