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June 6th, 2020 at 01:01 am

Things are going well here..very cold but okay.

Hubby has 3 treatments left next week and then he is done...then we wait 2 months and see what the results are...fingers crossed all good...but it will be nice to get back into a routine.

Still waiting for the insurance money to hit our account once it does it will go into our home deposit account..and that is slowly building up.

The new car that we updated to after a couple weeks had a funny I called the car yard and said I wanted it checked out, it was checked over by the RAA (state approved) and it didn't have anything wrong with it, he said fine bring it in and he would get his mechanic to look at has a slight hiccup in the transmission so they are going to replace is on order so we can use the car till it comes in and then get it replaced..I'm glad they chose to do the right thing.

Had the roofer come out and he said the roof need quite a bit of work, when the last guy swapped a few of the tiles over he actually forgot to pull on down so we had a hole in the roof that why we got so much water in the roof...he blew the leaves off the roof to give it more drainage but he can't do much until the owner decided what they want done...still haven't decided wether or not we are going to move or not I think it depends on if they are going to fix the roof and what we can find to move to...I prefer not to move again til we buy but we might not have a choice...time will tell

other than that not much else to week again this week which is usually just groceries/gas...and then the rest will be divided to ice and house account

2 Responses to “update”

  1. Lucky Robin Says:

    I cannot believe your landlord still hasn't moved on this! He must not care about his investment at all.

  2. mumof2 Says:

    LR you are right seems to take forever to get things done, they call out someone who then does a quote, gives it to the landlord who then goes to the owner then they decide and says yes or no then they organise for it to be done or tell us the meantime the situation gets worse...I hate it...I just don't understand it...its your investment...invest in it

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