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June 15th, 2020 at 02:38 am

We have been waiting since april about a package that was sent to us but was broken when we got it and it had obviously been run over by something, we hadn't heard back and I was annoyed but thought with the carona virus and all the disruption to mail and with hubby going through treatment it just wasn't a over the last month I have tried emailing them and heard nothing so I wrote to the ombudsmen (postal one) and they called and asked for some detail which I sent him and he gave them 10 days to pay us and finalise the hubby went and picked up the money today it is only $54 but still going to fight companies who don't do the right thing and get what is ours and we haven't been able to replace things as only cargo ships are bringing things into our country which take forever!!

Other than that we are not spending money unless we have to..trying to save for that house far so good

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