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whoops almost missed an appt

July 13th, 2020 at 01:42 pm

Got a text in today about an appt I have tomorrow I didn't even know about it, lucky it is at the hospital and only about 15 mins from where we live...hopefully it won't cost to much..or hopefully anything!

Not much going on here financially not spending much, my daughter had a birthday party at her unit and she didn't want to clean it so she paid me $100 to clean it..only took an hour so bonus for me and that is in the bank..I have finally got a neurophysio appt next month haven't seen them since nov...was to hard with everything hubby was doing with his cancer stuff so now I can go back and see them is costly though even though we get some back.

Oldest daughter sold her small car so she has banked that money..she is happy she is such a good budgeter..

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