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January 4th, 2021 at 01:36 am

My hubby left his bank card in the atm over the weekend while trying to help an elderly lady next to him..he just forgot to get it from the machine...the bank called today and someone handed it in so he can just take his id and go pick it happy I was hoping this would happen but you never know these days....still so many good honest people in the that is one less thing to worry about.

We are going to look at a rental today and tomorrow...thinking we are all going to like both but tomorrows house has a big shed and my hubby and daughter like to build things...but it is 2 story and my hubby doesn't have a lot of energy since his cancer treatment so we will see...if not will keep looking...just want to be moved and settle...hoping the move doesn't cost to much...we can't do it ourselves with our lack of energy...we can't lift the furniture or we would.

We have been using what is in our pantry/fridge and freezer and have cut our food budget in half for now..which is great...when we move we will top up everything and then try to bring the food budget down here is expensive but I know we can do better with it than we do!!

Its my birthday in a few weeks...probably won't do much but may have a bbq to use up some of the freezer stock 

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