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quarantine is nothing!!

January 11th, 2021 at 12:49 am

I know people don't like what I have to say and that is okay!!

Australia (SA where I live) has hardly been in quarantine since april 2020...and I know so many family and friends in the US that sre trying to quarantine and complaining about it...I seriously try to be compassionate about what they are complaining about...but I just can't as someone with a chronic illness that is my life 24/7...many don't worry about what people with chronic illnesses go through and as I have told them eventually they will be living a "normal" life soon...we don't get sorry if I don't show the same compassion as most but I also don't get compassion...I don't want people to feel sorry for us or anything just realise that our lives haven't changed much as it is our regular life and I'm sorry that yours is...end of rant!!

2 Responses to “quarantine is nothing!!”

  1. mumof2 Says:

    Sue Thankyou...yes it is really hard at times but it becomes the norm and you don't have much choice but to deal with it...I do appreciate the empathy...

  2. mumof2 Says:

    late.start its not that I'm not compassionate about them and their situation, I know its hard for many and sometimes very lonely for others...but when people want me to be compassionate towards them and I get comments like "well your use to it so its not as hard" "yur life isn't changing at all" etc....I use to work and have a whole life changed and not only mine but my entire family who has to help me out ALL the hubby and kids are a godsend...but I didn't have a choice I became sick and still trying to be diagnosed with everything...we did have to adjust and now it is our wasn't easy for us..still isn't...but I can't always feel compassionate towards people who only thing of themselves...and not others situations..I try but I am often dismissed by I just don't anymore...its not worth my mental health to try to keep expalining things to people

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