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February 14th, 2022 at 02:49 pm

Happy valentines day...although we never celebrate it, my hubby has a tradition since our girls were born that each year he buys them a rose for valentines we went to our youngest daughters house today and gave her hers...but our oldest daughter is in the US so we will wait to she gets back...but we talked to her and wish her a happy valentines day...I love this tradition for them...hope those who celebrate had a nice day as well...for those who don't I hope you had a nice day as well!!

Today was a bad day (and just so people know these guys live 5.5 hrs away from us) mom ended up in the er 2 days ago due to a massive migraine and pain in her head she went by ambulance which took an hour to get there and sat at the hospital for 8 hours without any meds or seeing a doctor....there was no doctor at the she left and my sister stayed with her that night...she has been trying to see a doctor in that town but can't get she called me today and said she wants to come down and see her doc...that was at 9am...she wants to get things checked out so we were trying to figure out how to get her here...I ended up getting her on a flight that only takes 50 mins...hoping that her head would be okay, she had called her doc down here in the city and got an appt to see him tomorrow so hopefully we can get things sorted...she made it fine..took lots of meds before leaving and is now at my sister house until her after getting her sorted this morning we get a call from my step son...he has some sort of brain injury but they are not sure what has caused it but for the most part he is okay as long as he is on his meds...if he doesn't have his meds he gets really bad in the head, can't think, process, his body starts to shut down etc... well he to lives in this town as well he had a doc appointment at 12..never seen this doc as they just moved there a month ago...he has had no meds for 4 days so is in bad shape he hasn't been able to see a do he does to his appointment and the doc has closed up shop and not told he can't get his meds, hes getting bad and calls us as he can't process what he needs to I call the hospital, they say there isn't any doc at the hospital so he won't be able to get the meds for I call the doc down here where we go and he use to go explain the situation and see if the doc will write a script and send it to a chemist (drug store) down where he lives so he can get his meds...the lady said she would email the doc and see what he wants to do..the doc calls him and does a phone consult, mad that he hasn't had his meds for 4 days...and gets a script sent down to the chemist for 21 days worth and also send one in the mail that will last him a couple of he was able to get his meds within a couple hours of me calling him, I also called other doc surgeries and managd to get him in to see another doc down there, she read through his history and wants some more tests done as well...once he took his meds he started feeling better...will take a couple days to get better but he is doing much better...all I could think is I love modern technology...2 family members who needed medical attention and couldn't get it and us living that far away we were still able to get them what they thankful for technology

Hubby and i are adjusting having just the 2 of us here but I have to say I am missing the extra mess and washing etc that our daughter brings to the house as I just have very little to do now...I wash like once a week and it's weird...this is the longest we have lived alone in 30.5 years...yes it has only been 12 days...but we have always had one of our kids around...and it is so quiet....but we are enjoying it as well...miss our eldest can't wait till she comes home...she is having an awesome on a ranch for the month with her friend and other family....I talk to her everyday and she is loving it...hating the cold weather but loving the experiences and meeting new people...

Weather is cooling down here this week which is nice...nothing to report on the financial side, all bills are paid...really don't need to purchase we haven't....although my youngest is moving in with her bf end of she wants to pay me to clean her townhouse when she I am great at cleaning houses and she knows it and would rather pay me than someone else...and thats okay...I would do it for free and she said no...she is waiting to move out after her sister comes back from the US as she will stay in her house when she gets back until she knows that she doesn't have covid...then she will come home and our youngest will get everything moved and then give up the place end of that they work together like that

Hope everyone has a great week and if it starts like mine hope it gets better...


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  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    How nice that you were able to help your family by thinking clearly and sorting out the best solution for them - sometimes that is all people need like your stepson, just someone to step in and help them out when they are too tired or sick to think clearly Smile

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