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June 11th, 2022 at 03:49 am

Well got the yard mowed and the dog likes it better..he doesn't get so cold...our neighbour quite often when he is doing his yard work will mow and edge our yard...without asking...he is great like that...and quite often I will make banana bread so always end up with 2 or 3 so will always take them 1-2 of them..they have 3 girls...they came over yesterday to say thankyou for the banana bread...and to let us know they will be going away for a month at the end of june they are going to greece and netherlands...they are going to visit family...they are hoping their renovations will be done by there...they have family staying there for the month to look after their animals so we have told them if they need anything to let us know...its great to have neighbors like that...our last 3 neighbourhoods have been like nice.

Our garlic is starting to come through the soil now so I know it's growing so that is great...hubby had his last covid booster..its his 4th shot and they just want the elderly and those with really compromised immune systems to have them...shouldn't need anymore....we didn't need them so that was nice.

I did a sensitivity test using my hair and they test it for foods/non food (chemicals etc)/metals etc....that was interesting so going to write up a list of what I can/can't eat and find some new recipies to make so will probably start beginning of july this week will be busy with our daughters tests and hopefully insemination...they are a lot stricter here then in the US, they track ovulation and if there are to many eggs they won't inseminate you as they don't the risk of multiples....if they can help all that should happen this week all going well so will be busy.

Working on our budget some more just figured to get our ice acct back to $2000 and then pay of the CC again (should be done end of august) and then will focus on saving for  a house...when we have around $20,000 will talk with some people and see what are options are and what kind of savings we actually need and what we can have a while before that happens...other than that not much else happening...both my hubby and daughter are both sleeping the day away as they haven't been sleeping I don't care...I'm just resting up and pottering around the house cleaning as quietly as I can...enjoy your weekend

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    Nice neighbors are a blessing indeed! Sounds like you are blessed as well as being a blessing yourself.

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