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minimalist vs not minimalist

June 11th, 2022 at 10:12 am

I am a minimalist, I like having what we use and thats it...I like thing clean and hubby and daughter are not minimalists at all...they aren't hoarders but they have a lot of hubby mainly tools (they both build furniture together at times), his prospecting and camping things, his leather work and sewing...just a lot of daughter makes jewellry and also likes to do she has a lot as well as all her baby stuff...not only do they have 2 rooms each and the shed, but we also have a storage unit....I just want to go through it and get rid of it all...but I won't its not my stuff and they usually keep it neat and tidy so that isn't an issue...does anyone else deal with this? do you live with someone who likes their stuff and they have a lot of it??

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  1. Lots of ideas Says:

    I think you have to look at the cost of storing things.
    If it costs more to store stuff for a year than it would cost to replace it, then I think you should sell the stuff and buy it if/when you need it.

    Maybe if you are temporarily living in smaller space, and you consider the storage as part of your rent, it could make sense to rent storage to hold on to sentimental objects.

    You want to buy a house. Would not storing stuff give you a deposit in two years?
    Or does the storage allow you to pay a lower rent because you don’t need rooms that you heat/cool for stuff?

    Do you frequently get stuff out of storage?
    Are you holding on to things you never look at or use and someone else will throw away when you die?

    I live in a small space, and if I buy something, I pretty much need to get rid of something. I don’t pay to store anything.

  2. mumof2 Says:

    So abit of background..houses are in short supply here and when they sold our last rental we looked for 6 months and applied for over 200 houses and ended up couch surfing for 4 months between our DD and hubbys son's house so when we were offered this one we took doesn't fit us, never has so we had to leave stuff in storage....this house has no shed for all my hubbys stuff...but housing is still so hard to get here so we just have to deal with has a lot of my hubbys tools and camping stuff and he hasn't been able to use the last 3 years due to the pandemic and his cancer so we won't get rif of it unless we know he cant use it again...and my daughter wants children so we are only going to get more stuff...but no we don't have stuff just to keep stuff and buying a house over here in 2 years we will need between $60-$70,000 deposit (that 3% deposit & fees) so no it won't save us enough for a deposit...wish it would

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