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no-one talks covid anymore

June 15th, 2022 at 12:04 am

The news hardly mentions covid anymore...our country is now over 8,000 deaths...I know that doesn't sound like a lot to people but it for us....but we only have 25.6 million people here.....over 250 in hospital...which worries me as we are going into flu season here and our hospital have been so short staffed over the last few years....we still wear masks and sanitize whenever we go anywhere as we can't risk covid....although the prices of things have gone up it's good that our stores have remained stocked with things throughout the pandemic and afterwards...this year is going to be bad with flu i think and my doc said the same we have had 3 years with almost no flu due to all of our protocold that we had in place and many children have not been exposed to the flu since they were born....but now we don't have any mandates in places for wearing masks/sanatizing will be bad...we will keep wearing then and doing what we need to do.

My DD should be inseminated this week she is so excited...I'm hoping to be well enough to go with her (I have the other 2 times) as her support person it is an interesting road to be travelling with her....we are learning a lot as well...I am just hoping it works this time...fingers and toes crossed.

We are looking for a new phone company our cell service provider just sent us a new bill and it had 43 pages and it had that my hubby had sent 2990 text messages in a month and 1996 MMS, he doesn't even have photos or anything on his fone...and they never picked up on anything...luckily with our plan it didn't cost us anything so not sure how they did it but guessing someone spoofed his fone at some point mid may....doesn't surprise me as all the politicians were texting individuals and thats when all these random messages started coming through on everyones fone....we weren't happy with their response when it came to the phone and then not even mentioning anything and pretty much blaming us saying we did I was not so polite told them where they could stick their service and that we would be leaving now looking for a new carrier.

Tomorrow is payday...

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  1. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    Good luck to your daughter!

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