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Called the IRS AGAIN!!!

June 25th, 2022 at 03:47 am

Finally got through to the IRS again..after 2 hours waiting on a cell phone..can't imagine what the phone bill will be...but thats another story.

So I tell them it has been 4 weeks and the money still hasn't hit our account, he looks through our account and says that they sent a check...I said why I specifically stated that our country no longer accepts overseas checks and the guy last month was told this when he said it would be processed, I also put sticky notes on our taxes (yes we have to do paper copy) on the front and where the bank details are stating this. Then they say it should take us around 9 weeks to get it so when we do write a letter and send it back stating that we want to add it to this years taxes so it can be put in the bank....we we sent our 2021 taxes in mid jan and still haven't heard anything so I'm like "what if you process this years taxes why you wait...if it takes 9 weeks to get here then it will probably be the same getting back" he said then hopefully they will add to the next years taxes...I am beyond frustrated at this point...told him they have to do better when it comes to overseas people doing taxes...he said he will bing it up at the next meeting...who knows if they will but damn I have never seen such incompetent people in a business, it seems like no-one knows what they are doing there...okay rant over!!

On the upside only 10 days till we find out if our daughter iui worked...fingers and toes crossed!!

we cut up a bunch of celery a few days ago and it has started growing in a glass so we are going to plant in a pot soon and see if we can get it to growing fruit and veg from produce we already have..and it tastes so much better...

have a great weekend everyone...we have another cold wet one

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  1. Dido Says:

    Sorry you are having such frustrations. The IRS has been systematically underfunded for the past decade by Republicans who don't believe in taxes. It unfortunately results in horrendous customer service.

    I had a client who spent 3.5 hours on hold with the IRS this week (to report that she HAD paid a tax bill they were billing her again for, and that the IRS had deposited the money) only to be put on hold after reaching an agent and then losing the connection. It took her 1.5 hours again the following day to finally talk to someone, who told her that, if the IRS can confirm that things are as she says they are, she might hear from them again in 8 weeks. It is really frustrating. Pain all around!

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