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mid year already

June 30th, 2022 at 12:17 am

It is the end of June here...can you believe that we are half wy through the year already...geez the last couple of years just seem to be flying by. It is payday this weekend but probably won't pay bills till monday....non need to be paid right now...I haven't really saved much this month, we have blught a bunch of things that we "wanted" such as 2 new water bottles for me..mine was old and needed replacing (2nd one was almost free and it won't go to waste), we have bought more soil ready for spring, I ordered a new 10 tray dehydrator....we will dehydrate fruits and vegetable, we are also buying jars so we can learn how to preserve food in jars as well this year (have always wanted to do it but never known how...always scared that I will kill people doing it the wrong way) so going to try that as well. I oredered a years supply of our clothes washing sheets....cheaper buying them in bulk...many of these do cost a little more because they are made from natural materials...I am all about natural things when we can use them as I have sensitivities to many chemicals but it is also better for the environment. 

We find out monday if our daughter is pregnant, it isn't looking good right now but we are still hopeful until they tell us otherwise....if she isn't not sure what they will do as it is her 3rd time trying and she won't do ivf due to all the hormones etc, it will affect her bipolar to much she thinks and it is her choice...but we know she will have children one way or another...we haven't ruled this one out yet. 

I think we are going to raise our food budget in july, it just doesn't seem to be working out right now with the prices of things....although we are going to try and go to the markets this week and start buying things in bulk so we can start drying things that we eat a lot of and see how we go..and of course it is all locally grown so cheaper its just a 45 min drive....unless my daughter and I go and we catch the train and walk there. 

I am hoping next month to put a good chunk of money onto the CC and hopefully have it paid off in a couple of months.

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  1. terri77 Says:

    Crossing my fingers that you have a grand baby on the way! 🤞🏾

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