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July 3rd, 2022 at 07:15 am

So my mom has decided to move back to the city, she left because of the rising costs and they haven't really changed but she needs to be clearer to better we are looking for apartments for her...something else I get the pleasure of we are still thinking of moving ourselves (depending on our daughter) so more added stress, she is 84 this year so we would like her to be closer if she needs medical help, where she lives just isn't that great. 

On top of that my stepson and his daughter just found out that her nan (on mothers side) is in a home because of dementia (she has not spoken to her for 5 years)....her mother texted her and let her know...its the first time she has texted her in a year....but that is another story....they want to come down so she can see her but can't afford we said we would pay bus fares...gas prices are just so high and its a 5-6hr drive....well last night he ended up in hospital having one of "episodes" ct scan came back clear but still incoherent etc so keeping him till moday where they will do another mri and compare with his last can give him an answer to what is going on...hopefully they find something (but in a good way so he can be treated) not sure if they are coming down anymore or not.

Paid a majority of our bills...we need to go to the atm and take money out from one acct and put it into another one (us to aussie) but being a weekend we will wait till monday when the bank is open and more people around I just don't trust people anymore...not that anything has happened but why risk it when we don't need will do that tomorrow..hoping to save some money this month

planted some more garlic today....a bit late but it should be fine....also ordered a kit so we can propergate our own seeds etc this comes with everything you needs from gloves, soil, seeds will be handy...we are also growing things from the seeds and bases of things we use like celery...cannot wait to grow our own food again.

Have a few yearly bills that we have paid (we put money in our POM acct each month to cover them) so ambulance cover and car registration, were paid this month...also have the girls bdays this month....neither really do anything...and we give them $200 have that coming ou as well this month.

Hope you all have a nice relaxing 4th of july!!


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