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free scripts again

July 25th, 2022 at 04:56 am

We have hit that time of year where we have hit our threshhold for prescritions and they are free except for one of mine which I have to pay $20 saves us so much money every year, thankgod the govt has that incentive. 

I have been looking at new phone/internet plans haven't decided on anything yet...but looking, I am going to change our contents policy...we don't need to have it so replace everything if we needed going to lover it and save round $150 plus a year....have been menu planning so this week will do a menu plan for next month and do a big shop in the beginning of the month and then just what we need far this week has been working out well..only time will tell in the long run.

I have started decluttering which is hard as I don't have a lot of stuff but my hubby and daughter do....but I will get it paired down more each month....and I have started spring cleaning a little...I know its not spring for another 5 weeks but cleaning makes me feel better.

New budget starts next month, will be tight but workable each other month should get better...and hopefully get more savings and money back into our ice acct

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    That's a great plan for your prescriptions. Do you put the money aside that you would have spent on prescriptions?

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