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September 24th, 2022 at 12:55 pm

My mom has now moved to the city and living with a friend until we find her a house to move is so hard at the moment but her lease was up and her doctor wanted her closer. My nephew has not been at school much this year which has affected him...he was to lethargic to go and just started not caring about school...which was sad because he loved school, is so bright and was a great student..well he has been here a month now and we had a meeting at the school on friday as he has decided he wants to get back into his schooling so he can graduate next year (his final year at school), the school is happy, this month he has missed 2 days and that is because he was at the hospital and spent the next day recovering and they have written up a plan for him and he is determined to do everything they need him to do...They still have a couple things to get put in place...but we are so happy that he is putting in the work and getting back on track...

This is the last week before school holidays, we do it a little different here, we have 10 week terms and then have 2 weeks off between terms, except in summer when we have 6 weeks off...I like it this everyone a nephew says he will spend those 2 weeks catching up on his school work...but the good thing is it is spring here so I can so more yard work and all our vegies are starting to grow...I planted pototoes in bags today...have never grown them so will be interesting to see if they grow or not...going to try and grow sweet potatos as well. 

I know it's not what people want to hear but the US$ has been dropping over here which means the money we make in the US converts to more here so will be able to add extra money to our ice and CC...

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