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November 22nd, 2022 at 01:05 am

Not sure if anyone knows but we have had some pretty bad hacks(by russians) into a couple of systems over here that they have released many peoples private information...we were in 1 group but not another...not sure how much of our info has been hacked or does but we were able to put a hold on our credit if anyone tries to open things or buy things under our names and whoever they are trying to go through tries to access our credit info it will block them if they can't get the info they won't give the person what they want...and we don't get masses of debt in our name...we have a code so we can unlock anytime we want to but we can also keep it on there as long as we want to and its free (for now) that is what we are doing..hoping it works...and hoping that someone really starts messing with russia just like they are doing with the rest of the world....teach them a few lessons....anyway here's hoping we don't have any more hacks over here

2 Responses to “personal info hacks”

  1. suvana Says:

    Before a few days some of our systems got down too, still can't figure out what was the reason.

  2. mumof2 Says:

    ours was hacked and they held for ransom and the insurer wouldn't pay...but those affected for one got free licences and passports and 12 months of coverage on their credit so if anyone applies for anything they will be that helps.

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