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pay week

October 2nd, 2018 at 12:40 am

Who doesn't love pay week...I do!!

I can't wait till pay our regular bills and add the rest to savings, hoping by end of month to have between $2000 - $2500...we currently sit at $611.56, I have a visual board that I have drawn up so I can mark off how well our savings is...so each day we walk past and it encourages us to save what we can for our house deposit.

Also made $30 from selling some stuff online this weekend, have more to put up just haven't got around to it yet...not sure what I am doing with it yet so sitting in the safe till I decide.

I had ordered something online that was back ordered so emailed to ask when it would be sent (as I forgot) they said shipment was late and sent me $20 for waiting a bit longer so that we back into savings...no hurry it is for christmas.

Feeling good but I know we have to spend some money on the garden vegies we just haven't got that far yet....but hopefully this week

Some nice weather so hopefully can get the shed sorted a bit more and post some more things for sale.

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